Remember when technology was supposed to make things easier and more efficient? Unfortunately, if today’s lifestyle is any indicator, the opposite is true. If you’re burning the candle at both ends and feeling overwhelmed, you aren’t alone.

Running Errands in Dallas TX

Life seems to be moving faster. There are more responsibilities - work, kids, chores, shopping, etc. - but it seems as though there are less hours in the day to get to everything. We know you’re busy. We’re here to help.

Leave it to me personal assisting - reclaim your time and your to-do list.

How It Works

Buy Personal Assistant Hours

Buy hours of personal assistant service online. This is only an estimate of the time it takes to arrange your travel needs. If you’re not sure about this, give us a call!

Tell Us About Your Tasks

Give us your to-do-list with as much details as possible. If you have preferred stores, services, etc., make sure to include that information in the check-out page.

We Will Get Your Tasks Done

Once we have all the details about your tasks, our professional errand runners will run around town for you - saving you both time and sanity!

Leave Your Errands to Us!

Leave It to Me prides ourselves on professional, punctual service for almost any need. Whether it’s a quick trip Uptown or Downtown, heading over to Victory Park or anywhere in between, we’ll handle the boring stuff, so you can get down to business. We’ve got all of your errands covered from throughout Dallas. We handle the mundane to the extensive and everything in between.

Our Services

While the list below is representative of some of the errands we can run - it is by no means exhaustive. When it comes to fulfilling your requests, imagination is the only limit as long as the services are ethical and legal.

  • Picking Up Dry Cleaning
  • Mailing Packages
  • Delivering Items
  • Prescription Pick-up
  • Shopping
  • Making Reservations
  • Party Cleaning
  • Holiday Returns
  • Waiting in Line
  • Internet Research
  • Preparing Meals
  • Paying Bills

Personal Assistant

Leave It to Me thrives on providing unmatched personal assistant services for the greater Dallas area. Currently, we offer 3 Personal Assistant packages:


Buy as many hours of personal assistant service as you’d like. We will invoice you separately if we spend more time helping you.


Buy 10 hour blocks of personal assistant service and save. We will invoice you the hourly rate if we spend more time helping you.


Need help on a recurring basis? Subscribe to the personal assistant plan. Unused hours will roll over each month.


Frequently Asked Questions

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