Dog Walking Service in Dallas

Dogs need plenty of exercise, but your schedule may limit the ability to get them out walking. Rather than letting Fido sit unattended all day, let our pet lovers walk or run your dog, giving him plenty of time to burn his energy off so when you come home, you’re greeted with a calm, happy dog that’s ready to spend time with you.

Dog Walking Service in Dallas TX

At Leave it to Me, we have a staff full of pet lovers. Dogs of any size bring a smile to our faces. We love getting dogs out of the house and on long, luxurious walks throughout Dallas, TX. Whether you have a puppy that needs to get rid of his crazy energy or an older dog that needs plenty of exercise, we’ve got you covered – we love all dogs of any breed.

Walking the Dog is Just the Beginning

We don’t treat the dog walks as just a potty break outdoors. While outside, we regularly work on on-leash behavior, basic commands, and good walking manners.

How It Works

Dog Walking Service in Dallas
Book a Dog Walking Time Online

Book your dog walking appointment online through our easy scheduling portal.

Dog Walking Service in Dallas
Tell Us Your Dog Walking Preferences

We will contact you to confirm your appointment and get more information about your pets and walk preferences.

Dog Walking Service in Dallas
We’ll go on a Walking Adventure with Your Dog

A certified dog walker will meet your dog as scheduled and go for a fun, stimulating, and safe walking adventure!

Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Service in Dallas

Mid-day Bathroom Breaks

Are you working all day or tied up with your new baby and don’t have time to get your dog out for a mid-day break? Let our staff help you. We’ll come over, leash your dog and take him for a nice walk, giving him plenty of time to relieve himself so you don’t come home to unpleasant accidents in the house. All Mid-day bathroom breaks are 20-30 minutes.

Dog Walking Service in Dallas

Exercise Breaks

Do you have a dog with way too much energy who is starting to become destructive? Choose a plan and get your dog walking. Our walkers can take your dog on a 20–30-minute walks. You know your dog best – what does he need? Is it a quick romp around the block or does he have so much energy that long, leisurely walks are needed? Let us know in the comment section when booking your appointment.

Dog Walking Service in Dallas

Dog Running

Does Fido need a full-on run? Certain breeds need the exercise and walking just isn’t enough. Our dog walkers/runners would be happy to run your dog to his heart's content so he can use his energy in the right way when you arrive home or after taking care of your family. Choose your time limit and we’ll run your dog. All dog runs are 20-30 minutes.

Regular dog walking improves your dog’s health and well-being

Walking your dog regularly familiarizes them with their surroundings and will increase their comfort and behavior at home. They become a calmer, more fulfilled dog.

Hire Us to Walk your Dog in Dallas

Why Hire Us to Walk your Dog in Dallas?

Leave It to Me’s main priority is ensuring a safe, friendly interaction with our client’s animals. Our employees love animals and will treat them as their own pets, from picking up the animal to cleaning up along the way, and ensuring they are returned safe and sound after an enjoyable excursion.

Leave It To Me is extremely proud to offer dog walking services in the Dallas, Texas area. We offer pet walking/running services from 8 AM to 9 PM daily. Call us to walk your dog mid-day or in the evening while you enjoy a night out. We’re here for you to help make caring for your pet and your own life easier!

Leave It To Me also offers a variety of cleaning services in the Dallas metroplex including residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and laundry service. Not sure which cleaning service is appropriate for your space? Give us a call at (214) 210-2040 and we will help you through the process.

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