Don’t let owning a pet keep you from having fun or meeting your obligations. If you’ll be gone for a day, our pet sitters will care for your pet including feeding, walking, and playing with your pet. We treat all pets like our own – we know how precious they are to your family.

Pet Sitting Service in Dallas TX

Leave It To Me is dedicated to providing the best quality pet sitting service for your pets in Dallas. We offer daily visits for your pet, which may include walks, feedings, play times, or just good company, depending on your needs. All of our staff members are fully bonded and insured as well as completely screened. We pair you up with a pet sitter that obviously loves pets, but that is comfortable with the type of pet you have whether small or large dog, cat or any other type of pet that needs care.

Going out of town? We are here for you.

Automatic feeders and water bowls may be great, but they don’t replace human interaction. We love spending time with your pets in your absence – we promise your pet will have loads of fun.

How It Works

Schedule Your Pet Sitting Online

Book your pet sitting appointment online through our easy scheduling portal.

Tell Us Your Pet Sitting Preferences

We will contact you to confirm your appointment and get mroe information about your pets and pet sitting preferences.

We Will Visit Your Pet and Show Them Love

A certified pet sitter will meet your pet and show them the love they need while you are gone.

Pet Sitting Services


Mid-day Visits

Does your dog or cat need a mid-day visit? Maybe you work 12 hour days or longer and worry about your pet being alone for so long. Maybe you’ll be gone for an entire day visiting family or taking your family on an outing. We’re here to care for your pet in your absence, feeding, walking, and playing with your pet. We’ll send you texts and pictures of your pet during our visit so that you know all is well.


Multiple Visits

If your pet will be alone for longer periods or just needs more companionship that a quick lunchtime visit, set up multiple visits throughout the day. Our pet sitters are available 8 AM to 9 PM every day. We can come in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner to help care for your pet’s needs. You let us know your pet’s routine and we handle the rest.


Cat Sitting

Cats have less frequent needs than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some TLC. Our cat sitters will come to your house and care for your cat including feeding, providing fresh water, cleaning the litter box, and playing with your cat. Choose from a variety of ‘shifts’ based on your cat’s needs, whether that’s 30 minutes, 1 hour, or longer. Like our dog sitting services, we can also come multiple times if your cat requires it.

Your pet needs love and FUN while you are gone and we can provide it.

Our pet sitting services are available 8 AM to 9 PM. We’re here to take care of your pet when you can’t! Call us today to see how we can help you. If it helps, you can even meet our pet sitters beforehand to make sure your pet bonds well with the sitter. We care about your pets as much as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions